PSM Poster

In the marketing course we had to make a poster for our department PSM! I took a Photo from a university building, and I used some vector illustration on it. (Montbéliard, December 2007)

Anti-Smoking Poster

I have made this poster for our Marketing project, my subject was anti-smoking, and we have to make it in old fashion style (Montbéliard, November 2007)

Adulte D’Origine (ADO)

I have made these posters & website for our “Rhizome” project, Adulte D’Origine (ADO), which is about interactive experience on the theme of psychology! (Montbéliard, March 2007)

Art-Numerique – Calligraphy Project

On the Art-Numerique course in university, we had to choose a “word” and try to make an artistic work, and my selected word was Calligraphy.

For this project, I used and worked on some of the photos I had taken from the students drawing Graffiti and Calligraphy on the yard of Franche-Comté University. (Montbéliard, February 2007)

Art-Numerique – Self Portrait

In the second project of Art-Numerique, we worked on a portrait of ourselves following the previously selected word as well as style — Calligraphy.

Attached below, is a snapshot of my flash project containing a video and it provided user interactivity through mouse. (Montbéliard, February 2007)

Art-Numerique – Famous Artistic Work

On the same series of projects, the third project was to select a famous artistic work. I chose Vincent Van Gogh’s self portrait, and work on it following the same style and theme of Calligraphy project. (Montbéliard, January 2007)

Stationnaire Dans le Movement

Here is another university project; I took these photos when I was in Paris underground train. For Christmas holidays, I was trying to take some photos of people’s reflection  on the wall covered with advertisement, while the train is moving fast.

Actually, this is also one of my favorite photos, I called it “Stationnaire dans le Movement” or “Stationary in the Movement”! (Montbéliard, January 2007)

God Through Human Mind

Another University Project, I called it “God through human mind”. For making this one, I took a photo from a wall then I tried to add some graffiti work using Photoshop. I used the names and symbols of God in many different languages, nations & by applying different colors I emphasized the different cultures existing in this world. (Montbéliard, January 2007)

Web-based Postal Card For Children

A snapshot of Flash project that I have created; it was a Web-based postal card for children. They can make a card using various objects as they want, and send it to their family or friends! (Montbéliard, March 2007)

Poster For iPod Shuffle

In one of our courses, as a project we have to make an advertisement for iPod Shuffle (Montbéliard, February 2007)