Adulte D’Origine (ADO)

I have made these posters & website for our “Rhizome” project, Adulte D’Origine (ADO), which is about interactive experience on the theme of psychology! (Montbéliard, March 2007)

Art-Numerique – Self Portrait

In the second project of Art-Numerique, we worked on a portrait of ourselves following the previously selected word as well as style — Calligraphy.

Attached below, is a snapshot of my flash project containing a video and it provided user interactivity through mouse. (Montbéliard, February 2007)

God Through Human Mind

Another University Project, I called it “God through human mind”. For making this one, I took a photo from a wall then I tried to add some graffiti work using Photoshop. I used the names and symbols of God in many different languages, nations & by applying different colors I emphasized the different cultures existing in this world. (Montbéliard, January 2007)

Web-based Postal Card For Children

A snapshot of Flash project that I have created; it was a Web-based postal card for children. They can make a card using various objects as they want, and send it to their family or friends! (Montbéliard, March 2007)

Une Chasse Pas Comme Les Autres

“Une chasse pas comme les autres” was the name of our scenarisation project in university. We had to write a story, design the character of our story, create story book, and a game for it. Attached is the book and the next one is the guide to our project (Montbéliard – France, December 2006)

Multimedia CD

A snapshot of multimedia CD for Payam-e Nour University while I was working at AICTC (Tehran – June 2006)

3eidi – Haft-Seen Story

A snapshots from a card Haft-Seen Story that I made for Iranian new year Norooz (March 2005)

Armenian Miniatures

The following three snapshots are from the project that my friend and I worked on 2003 about Armenian Miniatures. I hope I can do the similar work for Iranian miniatures.

3eidi – Creation

A snapshots from a card Creation that I made for Iranian new year Norooz (March 2003)

3eidi – Iran

A snapshots from a card Iran that I made for Iranian new year Norooz (March 2002)