Mindset, Sign Up/Log in Flow

User’s Sign up/Log in flow (San Francisco, Winter 2012)

Mindjet Tasks Tablet

This gallery contains some UI for Mindjet Tasks tablet login pages. (San Francisco, November 2012)

Mindjet Tasks App

In 2012 I was lead UI on Mindjet Tasks Mobile. We redesigned the app from the ground and I worked closely with the UX designer to incorporate new branding and enhance mobile-centric features. Mindjet Tasks for mobile gives businesses and individuals in over 170 countries visibility into team actions as well as accountability at the individual level, simplifying task management and prioritization.

Here are some example of Mindjet Tasks app UI. (San Francisco, 2012)

Mindjet Map Tablet

In this gallery you will find some example of login pages for Mindjet Maps Android tablet. (San Francisco, May 2012)

Looking With …

Looking With … , My personal project (San Francisco, January 2012)

A Photoblog, Take in the sights with fellow humans from around the world.

Mindjet Cover-page

Design has been made for Mindjet cover-page. (San Francisco, 2012)

Mindjet About Page

Visual design of Mindjet About. (San Francisco, 2012)

Wedding Card

My brother wedding invitation. (Iran, February 2012)

Mindjet Intro

An introduction wizard to Mindjet web applications. (San Francisco, February 2012)